Our Story

Aaron & Laura
Laura’s Version of Our Story . . .and a few pictures ;)
Aaron and I met on August 23rd, 2004. The first time I saw him I was standing with my luggage in the baggage claim area of the Indianapolis airport. We had both flown into Indianapolis to attend some music courses at the International Academy of Music. At that first meeting and throughout the time we spent in those classes, my respect and admiration for Aaron only grew. I was amazed as time after time I found that the Lord had laid on his heart the exact same burdens and passions as were burning in my own!

During the time that we were still in Indianapolis, my sister Melanie was in Chicago for some job training. While she was there she decided to ask around for the name of a young man who could come and help us with our children’s conference the following summer. On numerous occasions she was given the response, “You should get Aaron Baker to do that for you! He’d be great!” (By the way, I totally agreed with that!) Later when she talked to my parents about it she told them that everyone had suggested the same person, a guy from Louisiana named Aaron Baker. You can imagine her surprise when my parents told her that I had already met him and that he was in Indianapolis with me right then! Well, our classes ended and Aaron went home, however, within only a few weeks, my dad had called him up, and he had agreed to become the Senior Director of Children’s Ministries of Texas!! (As little as I wanted to admit it then, I was thrilled to hear that I would be seeing Aaron again. Friends . . . brother/sister relationship . . . riiiighhht) ;)

August of 2005 was upon us before we knew it and we were finally ready for the big weekend when all that children’s conference preparation would be put to the test! Aaron and his sister Christa drove in and the conference began! Even though Aaron and I saw relatively little of each other during that week, I was able to see his heart for ministry and his passion to serve the Lord. I remember thinking that it was remarkable how God had lead him to a calling (serving the Lord through children’s ministry and music education) so similar to mine!

Little did we know that only a few short weeks after that conference LA would be tramatized by Hurrican Katrina. It was several weeks after the hurricane actually hit (it happened to be Aaron’s birthday!) that we finally were able to make contact with the Bakers again. Then, only a few days later, Aaron flew to Mexico to lead a three week mission trip. During all the uncertainty following the hurricane and the time Aaron spent in Mexico, I found myself praying for him often . . . heh, very often. :) Upon returning home, Aaron called and asked if I would consider helping him write some children’s curriculum he was working on. When I asked my dad about it, his only question to me was, “Can you work that closely with this young man without giving him your heart?” Wow. Good question. My answer was that, this was exactly the kind of man I wanted to marry, but since he had no interest in me, and had never treated me like he did, I could work with him and still guard my heart. We agreed that this was an opportunity that the Lord was leading me into but that if anything changed and I wasn’t able to keep my heart guarded I would let my dad know.

A month or so passed of very sporadic email correspondence on a very business type level. During that time I finished my music degree and began to earnestly seek the Lord for direction as to what I should do next, in fact, all my time in prayer or Bible reading was focused on knowing what God would want me to do. As I was praying one day, I was again asking God to let me know His will when He seemed to say to me, “Laura, do you only want to know My will, or do you want to know ME!” Whoa. I was completely taken off guard by that and my focus totally changed. Instead of trying to know God’s will I was now focused only on getting to know my heavenly Father.

Unbeknownst to me, Aaron was praying at that time that God would show me that I was supposed to marry him! While I don’t think that God sent that message in those exact words, ;) Aaron was on my mind a lot around then and looking back I can see many ways that God was preparing me to end the “Single” chapter of my life and start looking toward the “Married to Aaron” part of the book! This was an amazing time of Spiritual growth and getting to know my Lord in ways I was so grateful for as He became my Rock in the next rollercoaster part of my life.

Now, for those of you who don’t know me well, I LOVE my birthday. I start counting down the months until my next one the month after I have it! Anyway, November 22nd came and we didn’t have a chance to celebrate my birthday on that exact day (I’m always excited when that happens because it stretches my birthday for at least two, if not more, days!!). We had decided to celebrate on the 23rd and was to begin it with a delightful breakfast out with my parents. We went to Denny’s (that is not an important detail…not sure why I mentioned that) and my parents asked me what I felt the Lord was calling me to do next. I told them about how I felt that for right now, God was just asking me to get to know Him in a closer way and that I hadn’t received any direction for how to proceed from there. Amazingly, my parents dropped the conversation at that (Ok, my dad is an engineer…usually our breakfasts consist of coming up with a detailed plan for the next 10 years of our lives!) and the rest of the breakfast was spent in small talk. My sisters had gone shopping while we were gone so we were the only ones around when we got home. When we got out of the car, Dad told me that there was something else that he and Mom wanted to talk to me about and asked me to meet them in their room when we got inside. At this point I got suspicious. Why didn’t we talk about this at the restaurant?! Hm….;) Well, I sat down on the sofa in my parents bedroom and my dad handed me an envelope and asked me to read the letter inside. My heart starting pounding in my ears and I opened the letter to read (short version;)), “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bogner and Laura, I am writing this letter to ask for Laura’s hand in marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I then, very non-calmly, flipped through the pages to the last page to see who this was from (slightly more than minor detail)!! “Ok, it’s from Aaron!” (Inside fireworks were going off and thrills were coming in waves over me…between the waves of sheer panic and fright….) After I finished the letter, and I talked to my parents about it a little bit, I went upstairs and shut myself into my room. I sat on the floor, pulled out my Bible, stared at the front cover and tried to stop shaking. I was soooo scared. Not scared at the thought of marrying Aaron, I wanted nothing more, but scared that I would choose what I wanted over what God wanted for me. I knew that if I could pick anyone in the world to marry, it would have been Aaron.

After seriously seeking the Lord and praying for confirmation from my parents and Scripture for several days, God brought peace (and rejoicing!!) to my heart and a special verse to confirm that Aaron was indeed the man I should marry! The passage that God used was Psalm 28:7-8 that says, ” The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth, and with my song will I praise Him. The Lord is their strength, and he is the saving strength of His annointed.” God used this passage to say to my heart, “Until now, I’ve been your strength. I’ve protected you and helped you. Now, I want “you” to become plural (as it is in verse 8 ) and I will continue to be (both of) your saving strength as you serve me alongside my man for you. There was so much peace and freedom in having that knowledge and assurance that it was God that had initiated our relationship, brought us together, and would continue to lead us throughout our lives.

Well, that pretty much sums up the story! We spent the next two months getting to know each other through phone calls, emails, and visits with each other and our families. Then on January 19th, Aaron seranaded me under the balcony in our home (the song he sang was called, Till the end of time . . . it was gorgeous! Don’t ask me what the words were, there was a very distracting guy singing them to me!) before getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him!! (Of course I said I would!!) It was such a priceless moment. Even now as I think back over all that God has done in our lives to bring us to this point I am confounded and amazed. We serve such a faithful, powerful and loving God! He not only gives us what we need, He gives us our hearts’ greatest desires!! Please pray for us as we prepare for our wedding and, ultimately, our marriage. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!!!

When we first met in Indianapolis at an Advanced Conducting Course

Aaron’s first after-we-started-courting visit to the Bogners
Aaron & Laura

Aaron went ring hunting before Christmas and picked out the perfect ring.
Does he have great taste or what?! It’s gorgeous!

Ring shopping

Snapping beans the night that Aaron proposed. Yep . . . we just happened to match. Great minds think alike, they say! By the way, this was BEFORE the proposal. Definitely.

Snapping beans

Will you marry me? I WILL!!!! -and this is not posed . . . it’s the real Kodak moment!

The RING!!!! It really happened–we’re engaged!
Aaron & Laura

The Bogner sisters posing for “The RING” picture :o)
Sisters' hands

Our favorite engagement pictures

On the bridge

Bridge again :o)

Two straws

Getting the marriage license!

I swear we're not related

It's getting official!

The wedding party at the Rehearsal



A peek at the wedding ;)






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