Junior Smite Debut!!

This year we had the privilege of heading up a brand new program at SMITE—Jr. Smite!


This was a 2 hour program every morning for children ages 5-11, designed to teach them how to witness using the Wordless Book. We had an attendance of about 25 enthusiastic children every morning. In fact, they were so enthusiastic, there was usually a crowd of kids at our door 30 minutes before we were to begin!

Jr. Smite 11

It was so amazing to see these little disciples of Christ learning to share their faith with others!

Jr. Smite 5

Jr. Smite 27

Aaron wrote three songs to help the children learn the basic points to each page of the wordless book as well as the “link” to help you transition into the points on the next page. The songs were so catchy and well received that the children sang one for a special on the Tuesday night of SMITE! I am so grateful to have such a creative and talented husband. He was so amazing, teaching the lessons, leading the songs, and even sitting with the kids, listening to them practice their soul-winning (and looking so handsome while he was doing it!).

Jr. Smite 9

Jr. Smite 23

By the end of the week, even the 5 year-olds could give a clear presentation of the gospel!! Here is a picture of the three Josiah’s in the class—these young men already have the tools  to be mighty soul-winners in God’s kingdom!

Jr. Smite 20

We had several wonderful helpers for the week: Mrs. Kristen McPherson, Mrs. Adrianna Cepeda, Braxton Jackson, and Rebecca Bond. Thanks for helping us invest in these lives!!

Jr. Smite 29

It was a blessing to our family to be involved in this ministry and we look forward to doing this again next year with even more new things for these young ones to learn!

Jr. Smite 13


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