Two Years in a Nutshell and Where we are Now

It has been about two years since we have updated any posts or pictures. Two years filled with laughter, love, tears, music, rejoicing, ministry, fun, diapers, tricycles, plastic horses, and little BOYS! God has been so good to us and we are so thankful. So, now, two years later we are still living in our little home. Jonathan is learning his letters and numbers and Josiah is working on colors and animals. Both boys love to sing and have been enjoying learning Scripture verses in Sunday School and Bible Clubs. James Peyton, our newest and youngest blessing is the delight of our whole family. He is the best baby ever and brings smiles to all of our faces as he coos and grins at us. We just love having three sons, whom we refer to as our “Three Mighty Men of Valor.” Being a parent has it’s moments of frustration and stress but all it takes is one priceless moment when you overhear your three year old outside, playing with a newly caught frog say, “Thank you God for making frogs. I love you!” to make it all worth while!

Ezekiel School is about to start it’s third year of music classes. We have loved watching God provide for this ministry, grow the school with new students all over the USA, and seeing the students grow in knowledge, skillĀ  and in their relationships with the Lord.

While there is so much more we could say, we will just post a few pictures and leave it at that! We hope you have a fabulous Christmas season!

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