We are home again after another great trip to the Philippines! We had so many neat opportunities this trip and we are looking forward to more in the next year or so. The last week that we were there Aaron preached about music at a Pastor’s conference. The messages were very well received but were not without much attack from satan. Pray that the truths that were presented would continue to touch hearts and make a difference for God over there. We stayed at a little house near the beach during the conference and enjoyed the beauties of God’s handiwork all around us.




Jonathan playing with a coconut.

All of these Philippino kids gathered around where we were to see Jonathan.
There must have been over thirty of them! I went to my room to get my wordless
book but by the time I got back they had scattered. However, a night or two later
one of the missionaries staying there with us talked to that group of kids and 20
of them prayed to receive Christ!! God is so good!

5 Responses to “Home!!”

  1. WOW! Those pictures are gorgeous! So glad you are home safe! Hope we can see you soon!
    Love you!

  2. Whoa…those are some amazing pictures y’all! :) I LOVE them. Jonathan is getting so BIG! I can’t wait to see y’all again-hopefully soon!

  3. Welcome Home! So glad your trip went well. Those are beautiful photos, who took them?

  4. Really cool pics ya’ll!! Glad your trip went well!!!

  5. Thanks a ton to David Humphrey for taking the top three pictures! The bottom two were ones that we took.