What do you keep in YOUR fridge???

Cool kid

Cool kid

16 Responses to “What do you keep in YOUR fridge???”

  1. LOL!! That is hilarious! Cool kid indeed…

  2. That is too funny.

  3. “C’mon Mom, all I want is the ketchup!” :) -Fridge raiding begins at an early age these days.

  4. He really gets into snack time doesn’t he? :-D

  5. Children are great!! Isn’t being a parent great?!
    Hi from mrs. Perkins

  6. This could not happpen in Grandmomma’s refrigerator. We have no crawl space!

  7. Oh my!!!! He is WAY too cute. Looks like he takes after his dad!!! LOL
    Thanks for sharing the great pic!

  8. “Now, Where OH WHERE did I leave that baby!! I just had him in my hand, answered the phone, stopped by the fridge for a cold Dr. Pepper, and now HE’s GONE!” **scratches head in bewilderment**

    Love you guys TONS! :)

  9. I seriously need to come and see y’all. He’s being so miss treated! :P

  10. AWWW….he is SO CUTE! I can just picture his expression on the other end: “Oooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, OOoo!!!!!!!”

  11. I love it! That’s so funny! Happy New Year!

  12. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! That’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  13. That is WAY too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  14. to to to funny!!!!!

  15. that is *such* a cute picture!

  16. let me guess… That was Aaron’s idea! Looks like something David would think to do!