Summer’s End

Well, it is hard to believe but the summer is quickly coming to an end! Most of the Bible Clubs have been completed. After our last update we held the Bible Club Blitz in Natchez, Mississippi. Our teams (Aaron and Laura’s) did 6 clubs a day in the Fayette/Port Gibson area. Boy, there are sooooo many daycares up there!!! There were a total of 8 teams doing 37 clubs that week with an enrollment of 1033 kids and 271 professions of faith! We were so grateful for the young people and parents that went along and worked so hard! God had truly worked in the hearts of the children and adults since last year and the harvest was plentiful. We thank the Lord for allowing us to see it.

Thank you to all the people who have prayed for us since Aaron’s sister, Christa, went to be with the Lord. God’s grace has been so evident and so sufficient for us during this time.

We had a great CHEF of Louisiana convention. The staff and volunteers did a GREAT job! We had around 100 children in attendance on our American Roadtrip adventure. During the two day seminar the kids saw and learned about the great heroes of our faith, George Washington, Dolly Madison, and Paul Revere. They even had the opportunity to go and listen as our Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, addressed the parents!

Our travels will take us next to the country of Ghana, West Africa! Lord willing, we will be leaving September 3rd and returning September 15th. This will be the first time that either of us have been in Africa and we are excited to see what God will do! We will be taking a team of 4 young people with us to present the Gospel in public schools, share the Gospel in local assembly places, and host a weekend training conference for some of the young people from several Ghanian churches. Please pray for us when the Lord brings us to your minds! Here are a few specific prayer requests:

-Health and safety of the whole team

-Spiritual preparedness of the team

-Hearts open to the Gospel

-The Christian young people that we will be training and discipling

We love y’all and appreciate your prayers so much,

Aaron, Laura, and Jonathan

23 Responses to “Summer’s End”

  1. Dear Sir Aaron,

    Thank you for being a blessings to us we enjoy hearing from you all the works you have done in your place. I pray that God will bless you abudantly in the ministry that he given to you all. God bless you.

    Bro. Wills

  2. I’m praying for you all!!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! I’m glad you updated too!! HURRAY! :-D

  3. I’ll be praying for yall while you are in Africa. Glad yall updated :) I enjoyed seeing yall at CMT.

  4. So glad to see an update! I’ll definitely be praying for ya’ll while you’re in Africa!! :D

  5. Africa, fun!!! (at least I hope y’all have fun) Love the new look to the web-sight.

  6. So excited about what God will do through ya’ll in Africa! Definately praying for you.

  7. We’ll definetely keep ya’ll in our prayers! Can’t wait to see how God will use ya’ll in Africa! Thanks for updating! :)

  8. SO glad y’all updated!!! I’ve been praying for you these past few months and will continue to do so!!! Can’t wait to hear what God does through each of you in Africa!!!!! Be safe!!! I love y’all SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!

    With all my love-
    Your Sis

  9. I’m praying for you too…thanks for the update!
    P.S. I like the new format! Give the cutest baby in the world a hug for me!

  10. Hello Bakers! It’s great to see what God is doing through you guys. I hope your trip goes well. We will be praying for you all!

    In Him,
    Adriana (California)

  11. I love the new lay out! I hope all went well in Africa! Y’all are constantly in my prayers!

  12. Hi you guys! Since it’s the 16th of September I guess you’re home now. I hope everything went great! Glad you posted a new update… we need to see more pictures of that precious baby boy! Love and Blessings!

  13. Welcome home!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  14. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you both SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!! Have a beautiful day together, remembering that incredible moment that we were honored to be a part of!!!!

    Miss y’all, CANNOT wait to see you!!!!

    With all my love,
    Your Swirly Sis

  15. praying for you and your family. I sure don’t understand what you guys are going through, but I know Someone who does.

  16. Hey, Summer was almost over quite awhile ago.
    Your CD is en route.


  17. Hey you guys!!! How are you? It was really great to heard what God is doing through in your lives. We pray that may the Lord will continue to bless you abundantly, especially in the ministry. I always send you a letters to your email but I don’t know if you was changed a new email address. Please let me know. We miss you and we love you very much!!! Oh, and by the way it’s really great to see your new website!!! Its Fabulous!!!

  18. Did you get the envelope I sent you?

    Happy very belated Anniversary

  19. Great to hear an update from y’all! May God bless you richly as you serve Him :-).

  20. Aunt Amy is ready for an update…really. :)

  21. Yeah, I’m with Aunt Amy!!! ::HUGS::

  22. Summer is more than almost over, it’s dead, gone, and packed in moth balls until next year. In fact, fall is almost over too. Anything happen during the fall?

  23. OH YES!! What did happen this Fall??? Let’s hear about Fall!!!!!

    UPDATE YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!! *please*

    I miss y’all and I love y’all SO MUCH!!!!!!!! ::HUG::