The Philippines and Beyond

Hello everyone! We are sorry to have left you hanging in the middle of our Philippine trip! Life has been crazy since the last post…so much has happened…but we will try to fill you in now!

The Bible clubs in the Philippine villages went very well! A team of 5 young ladies from Trinity Baptist Church and Northbelt Baptist Church joined us to do 9 clubs and reach over 500 children with the gospel! Here are some pictures of some of the clubs from that week!

Aaron at a seaside village club

Laura and Bethany at a club held in a Catholic chapel

Rebecca teaching in the middle of a small typhoon! The only thing the umbrella kept dry was the picture book!

Under a mango tree

Jonathan spent 5 days in the hospital while we are there. He had a stomach virus and an infection but God was good and he is now doing very well.

2 Responses to “The Philippines and Beyond”

  1. Yay! a (small) update and pictures! I’ve missed hearing from you guys. ::hugs::

  2. Hey,
    love the pictures. It was soooooo great to get to see Jonathan Sunday!!!! looks like ya’ll had fun.
    Karen Is.6:8