Philippine Recording Project…

…doing, doing…..almost done! ;) Last week we spent three fairly long days at LifeWord Studios here in the Philippines recording the voices of the New Beginnings Baptist Bible College Choir for a CD project that we have been planning/working on this past year. The choir is large so we had to record each part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) separately. We’ve only heard a very rough mix of the voices so far, but God really blessed and thanks to many prayer warriors we think it’s going to be really great! There is only one song left to record and that will be done next week. Pray as this project comes to completion. There has been SO much attack from the enemy thus far, and we’re sure he isn’t about to stop now! Here are some pictures of the recording sessions!

The sopranos were our first group to record

Aaron and Bro.Willy (New Beginnings choir director) deciding if that song would need another take.


Aaron conducting as they record

Our energy support…Rogelio!!!


On our way home from the studio in a jeepney after a long day of work

And finally, a picture for the grandparents! ;)

12 Responses to “Philippine Recording Project…”

  1. Wow! That looks like so much fun! Aaron, I envy your conducting job! :)
    I’ll be praying that the recording goes smoothly. Give my cutest nephew a hug for me! :)

  2. Ok, its fair to say that I am missing ya’ll terribly! Been praying for the recording project and sending the team to you in 2 days!!

  3. The expressions on that kid’s face are absolutely PRICELESS!!!!!

    Love, Love, LOVE ’em!

  4. Hey,

    My boy is really growing….just look at him! Grandma is going to visit him the day after tomorrow…..what about Grandpa??? Sending kisses via Valerie and Bethany!

    We are praying for you all and may God bless you and supply the grace for you to accomplish all that he desires.

    Many Blessings, Grandpa Bogner

  5. LOL! Ditto to Angie’s comment!

    Miss you bunches, but am so glad to hear the recording is going well! Thanks for calling the other night, that was really great. Made my day for sure! Sending reinforcements soon…..

  6. What a face!!!! I will see ya’ll SOON!!!!!!
    Love you!

  7. Wow! He’s getting big! Y’all look great. :-) Praying for y’all.

  8. I love that first pic of Jonathan!! His facial expression is incredible.

  9. YEA, your home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to have everyone home again. Can’t wait to hear all about it and hold that baby while doing so :) Hurry and get over jetlag ok. With Love……………..

  10. OK…UPDATE!!!

  11. SOMEONE NEEDS TO UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  12. Hey! I had not been on since the baby was born…Congratulations! Wow, he is growing fast! :D

    I went back and looked at all the pictures. He is adorable! And he smiles a lot :)

    God bless you guys! I pray for you a lot!