Updates and Family Photos

God is so faithful! We have been praying since before Jonathan was born about when we should leave for our next Philippine trip. We just were able to book our tickets for this Monday….now that we have a baby there are a lot of things that we have to have done before we can take him overseas. We needed to get his birth certificate, passport, and ticket…each of which could have taken months! Jonathan just turned one month old and miraculously, God has put thing after thing together to get each of these things done already! What a confirmation that this is exactly when God would have us to leave. Please pray for us as we get last minute packing and preparations done.

On another note, we just got some new family pictures taken, thanks to our great brother figure, Kevin Thomas! Jonathan could not ask for a better “Uncle Kevin figure.” :P
Baker family IMG_5551.JPG

Daddy and jonathan





14 Responses to “Updates and Family Photos”

  1. Awww, baby Jonathan is SO precious!! We’re so thrilled for you all! Love the pictures!

  2. Oh how sweet and adorable! Praise the Lord for his blessings! I am sooo happy for y’all!!! CONGRATS! You will be in my prayers as y’all prepare and take your trip! God bless!

  3. **SQUEALS!** He is SOO cute! CUTER EVERY DAY!!!!! Thanks so much for posting these, and “WOW!! Go KEVIN!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” for taking them!
    We’ll be praying for you of COURSE. Love you dearly!

  4. What precious pictures! I wonder if a Grandmomma could get copies of them somehow. Can’t wait to hold little Jonathan again!

  5. What precious pictures! I wonder if a Grandmomma could get copies of them somehow. Can’t wait to hold little Jonathan again!

  6. Ya’ll they are sooo cute!!!!! Kevin did a great job, but then again he did have a very handsome subject :) Speaking of copies, I might need one or two too! I have pics of mom and dad, but no baby. Can’t wait to see this liitle guy grow up; praying as he grows in height he also grows in love and fear of the Lord.
    P.S. 5,6, and 7 are my favs!

  7. That’s my Boy! God did another miracle…..He made this magnificant child! Praise Him!

  8. AWWW!!! That little blue sweater looks SO cute on him!!!! How Sweet!!!! Great pictures!! I love you all and am praying!!
    Aunt Beth

  9. It would have been hard to mess up those pictures. Everybody looked so great. Thanks again for having me down. I had a great time. :-)

  10. Aaron and Laura, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your son is just beautiful and looks extremely healthy. And you too impress me with your tenacity, going on such a big trip so soon! :-)

    Have you heard the news? Terry and I have also been blessed with a little one on the way…due August 25! We are so excited! I keep my xanga site updated with current pictures and news – drop in sometime if you’d like. :-)

  11. Little Jonathan has such a sweet, peaceful countenance! He’s so handsome! I would love to meet him in person sometime! May the Lord bless ya’ll over and over in your trip to the Phillipines!

  12. AWWWWWWW!!!!! How cute. His soooooo Cute. It will be fun when ya’ll can bring him down here so we can see him in person. I just want to pick that little out of the picture and hug him. Hope everything goes well in the Phillipines.

  13. oh no, I ment to say I just want to pick that little boy out of the picture and hug him. Sorry

  14. he is sooooooooo cute! he’s gonna’ break a lotta’ hearts when he grows up! hahaha.. :)