A Philippino Easter

Jonathan’s first flight! He got a pair of Captain’s wings and a certificate signed by the whole flight crew to commemorate it!

First Flight

Here he is in Japan…he just finished a 14+ hour flight…and he doesn’t even look phased!! He did great and didn’t cry the whole flight. We were told by the guy sitting in front of us that he is the world’s best baby. We agree of course! :)

In Tokyo

Once we got to the Philippines we had to get Jonathan a little Barong (Philippino dress shirt) for Easter Sunday so he could match his daddy. ;)

Baker Easter photo

Baby Barong

Like Father like Son

Mom! Not in public!

Here’s Jonathan saying “Hi” to his Grandparents, aunts and uncles! He misses you all! We love you and miss you too. ;)

Hi everybody!

11 Responses to “A Philippino Easter”

  1. Aww, that little Barong on him is SO cute! Glad you all had a safe trip. God’s richest blessing on your ministry there!

  2. Aw! I miss y’all SO MUCH, Aaron and Laura!

    How about let’s all go to Mexico this fall? OK?

  3. Wow! Way to go Jonathan! What a guy. Still praying for y’all. Be safe. love ya

  4. WOW!!!! THAT IS MY NEPHEW!!! What an amazing little man! I’m so glad y’all are doing so well there! Happy Easter…we missed you!!! *kisses* for Jonathan, and **HUGS** for my sis and bro!

  5. That baby is still a newborn and he has already been to WAY more places than I have been! I am glad that yall made it safely there and I will be praying for yall. Thank you for calling me the other morning Aaron – You are such an encouragement to me.

  6. I know it…the barong is just almost too cute! I end up wanting to nibble his toes when he wears it! The only thing is that it is so warm here his toes get hot and stink. The urge leaves quickly. :o)

    Sarah, sounds great! When are we going? We already try and speak Spanish to the Philippinos….”De nada”…”Huh?” Watch us get there and speak ilonggo to all the Mexicans! AGH!

    Missed you too Mel! We ate at a restraunt on Easter with all these colored eggs everywhere…it reminded me of you. :o) I tried to think which one you would eat but there were no multi-colored ones. You would have had to eat about 4 to get all the colors you would have wanted. ;)

    Oh David, I know! We figured up that by the time he gets home from this one trip Jonathan will have been on 10 flights. By the end of this calendar year he will have been on another 12 or so and have been on 4 continents! Crazy…and he won’t remember any of it!

  7. Oh Wow!! I miss that baby too! I miss his mommy and daddy as well. It won’t be long till I see y’all though! Hurray! I’m praying for you and for the folks there! love you all SO MUCH!!!

  8. WOW!!!!! so cute. I can’t stop myself from smilling when I see him smilling. :)) I hope everything goes well in the Philippins. Love ya’ll. and )))) Hugs(((( to Jonathan.

  9. Wow…there’s a lot of “Laura” in that smile! I wish I could be there to see it in person! We miss y’all and LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Keep updating…we love to see what y’all are doing!

  10. hey aaron and laura! hoping to see y’all next week.. jonathan is really really cute! you are blessed with a beautiful and wonderful son!!! can’t wait to see you guys again and to hold jonathan.. hannah told me that she saw you guys this week and she just adores jonathan so much! :)

  11. Jonathan is soooooo cute in his own little phillipino outfit. I cant wait to see him when he gets home. he is getting sooooo big. I hope everything goes well with the recording I’ll be praying for you :)