Our Next President…Lord Willing!

Aaron and Laura are excitedly praying for Mike Huckabee as he is running for president. We encourage you to check him out and join his campaign. We need a God fearing man to stand in the gap and make up the hedge for America. We believe that he is that man!


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  1. Amen!! GO HUCKABEE!!

  2. Wooo Hooo …..Go Huckabee! I need to order a pin, the one’s Trey got are itty bitty and I want people to know who I’m voting for! Maybe when Baby ‘B’ gets here he/she can wear one of the little ones!

  3. Just to give a little warning we should be careful about going all over board with Mike Huckabee like most Christian homeschoolers are doing these days. I am not entirely certain I would vote for Mike Huckabee. Some of the “strong” stands he has taken in recent weeks do not cover some of the things he has done in more recent years… Josh

  4. Wow Josh, you beat me to it….thanks for posting this info, I was going to. I don’t think I’m voting for Huckabee either.

  5. Huckabee is far from being a perfect man. But when you stand him up next to the the rest of the field I would take him over them all with the exception of perhaps Fred Thompson, who is doing next to nothing right now. I would take Huckabee over a Mormon, over a male-Republican Hilary Clinton (Giulanni), over a war hero who seems to be losing his grip, and over a man who can’t stick to one issue at a time and looks like a goblin to boot (Ron Paul).

    Aaron and Laura, I love y’all!


  6. I’ve heard recently that Morman terminology sounds very much the same as Christian terminology…which is why when they come to your door they agree with everything you say (so frustrating)…soo what they say sounds the same as a Christian, but what they MEAN is totally different. I find it scary to think of a member of the occult running our country…even though I agree that many of his policies make sense. Just a word…be careful!
    I haven’t thoroughly looked at all the candidates myself (I hardly know anything about Fred Thompson except that he’s been on a couple interesting tv shows), but as much as I know about each candidate right now…it’s Huckabee for me!

  7. Why does my comment keep disappearing???

  8. I’m gonna try this again. I don’t know why every time I check back my comment is gone. If y’all are deleting me, just say so and I’ll quit leaving it. :-P

    Ok….one more time:

    Yeah, I know what you mean Brian….the frustrating thing for me is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a grand choice this time around, or an obvious one. I do like Fred Thompson. I’m just afraid it doesn’t look like he might make it with the numbers the way they are.

    And as far as “the Mormon” goes, I wouldn’t mind voting for him at all. After hearing what he said on national television it’s pretty clear to me that he is a believer…at least based on his own mouth. I’m not sure why he calls himself a Mormon vs. a Christian but for me it’s not the religion but the person. He stated that he believes Jesus Christ to be the Creator of the world and the Son of God and that Jesus died on the cross for all mankind and that whoever would accept the gift of salvation and place their trust in Him would live eternally. That’s pretty clear to me. I also like his policies and he seems to be more consistent and have more foreign experience and considering the times we’re in, that’s pretty important. Sigh.

    AND, I’ve heard that too Amy but I’ve also heard that just like some Catholics can be born again believers, so can Mormons. I have some piano students who I really believe are saved but they’re Mormon as well. I dunnoooo…..it’ kind of confusing. But Huckabee actually voted to pass a law taking more rights away from homeschoolers. Why?? Who knows….he doesn’t seem to be as much on our side as people are making him out to be…..

    Buuuuuuuuuut, I don’t know. I’m still talking to my Dad and praying about it…

  9. We are also praying for Huckabee!

  10. Hey, Aaron and Laura. I just wanted to tell about an article I read about Mike Huckabee. He says he gets up in the morning and reads a chapter of Proverbs and goes running for 6 miles. I think that reading his Bible every day is more than what most Christians do.

  11. Can a Grandmomma comment on the upcoming election? Huckabee or Romney could get my vote. I haven’t finished researching their stands. I have strong doubts that Romney is a believer. Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers the sons of an immortal god and a mortal woman. Mormons do not believe that Jesus was divine and they believe the miraculous conception of Christ to be a “fabulous tale.” They believe that they can one day be gods. They believe they can rule with their wife or wives on their own planet and produce seed. They use the Bible only if it is not superceeded by the book of Mormon. Because they have a works salvation they live moral lives and live according to the Judeo/Christian ethic. They know right and wrong and try to do what is right so they can reach a state of exaltation. The Jesus they believe in is not the Jesus of the Bible,but they do live very moral lives. If it came down to it I would rather vote for someone who is moral than someone who is obviously not. Romney will have blessing in his life because he follows Godly principles, but I do not think he has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I cannot vote for several of the candidates because of their moral stands, but I have others to look into.

  12. OK I must have the same problem as Erin. I thought I left a comment. Thank God I can’t vote this election. Because I would have no idea who to vote for. But, I will say my family is going for Thompson. It’s so hard to chose anymore. But I say that any Republican is better. Right know I’m just praying that God will put who ever he wants in this position.
    Love Y’all

  13. Well, Aaron, Fred dropping out is great news for Huckabee.
    The poor guy did not have a chance. From my guess most of the “Conservative Christians” votes are going to go to Huckabee. You do have a few crazy people who are going to vote for Ron Paul or Mitt Romney.