Another Fair

The Washington Parish Fair took place the third week in October in Franklinton, LA. We had the privilege to bring the creation trailer again and ran it Wednesday through Saturday. Again, God really worked in hearts and lives. Over 2000 were distributed, over 1000 people got on the trailer and heard the gospel presented, and at least 60 prayed to receive Christ! Here are some pictures from the fair and some comments from those who got on the trailer. Continue to pray for those who heard the Gospel that the seeds that were planted would bring forth fruit. Several of those who came through the trailer signed up for a correspondence Bible study as well. Pray that these will grow in their knowledge of God and His Word! Thanks to all of the workers from our home church and to Brother Jim and Mrs. Molly Gulledge for all of their long hours of hard work!
Here’s what the trailer looks like on the outside
Outside the trailer

Inside the trailer! ;)
On the trailer

Giving the Creation/Fossil presentation at the beginning
Creation/Fossil presentation

Giving the Gospel presentation after the video
Gospel Presentation

Showing and explaining the fossils in the display outside the trailer
Showing the fossils outside

Here are a few of the comments we got from those who got on the trailer:

“I really enjoyed your show. I want to show my wife next year. Please come back. Thank you. Yes, I am saved.” -Joshua (age 31)

“I liked the show. I learned some.” -Allanisette (age 7)

“Because if dinosaurs was alive they would kill us.” -Brandon

“The movie was great! I got saved. I am 10.” -Rebecca

“Wonderful tape. Very educational for adults and children. Very good to know God’s way. I got saved.” -Elena (age 42)

“I was very impressed with the young boy that was in charge of this program. We need more children in the world like that. Everything was very interesting. I am 32 and learned a few things I didn’t know. This was very well conducted. Thank you!” -Carla (age 32)

“I enjoyed the program and learned a lot.” -Roy (age 75)

“I’m gonna tell everyone in Kansas about this place.” -Robby

“There is no point to this. Science says man and dinosaur didn’t live together. Then you are putting science and religion together. Too biblical for science.” -Brianne

“It was the best show I ever saw. I prayed to be saved.” -Dylan

“It was a great film. I did not know half of the things in it. I’ve asked Him to come in my heart.” -Alexis

“I loved the Noah’s ark part when he saved the animals and the rainbows were beautiful. I liked seeing the fossils and the huge foot. I got saved.” -Taylor

“I thought it was good and interesting because it tells you about bones and fossils. And also I got saved!” -Keeli

“I have put my trust in Him.” -Logan

“I am very sorry, God.” -Alan

“This has been a wonderful experience. Most of this I didn’t know about. I would like to say thanks for giving me a chance to learn something new. I will pass this on and teach what I have learned. I got saved today.” -Zian

“Now I know how the dinosaurs died out. I got saved.” -Ryan (age 11)

“Learning ‘science’ in a trailer at a fair taught by a church group…this is why America is on the way out!” -Michell

“This was so cool! I wish I could come to the fair just to see you guys. If you guys moved all over the world I would move with you!!! I really received Jesus today.” -Tyrrianne

“Thank you. I learned more. I’ll stop watching Discovery channel!” -D.J.

“This was fun. I got saved. I will come back! This was interesting. Thanks.” -Alicia

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  1. YAY!!! Another post! This is great!! Wow, I love hearing the comments! Praise the Lord for so many coming to Him!

    I can’t wait to see y’all!! Hugs all around! :)

  2. If I have such a celebration in my heart after reading those, imagine the rejoicing in heaven!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!
    Hey, Aaron and Laura, Have I mentioned that I can’t wait to see y’all?!!! Love you,
    (P.S. Hey, How are you Aaron?!?!!!!!) :-D

  3. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Swirly Sis, soon to be Aunt!!!! :-D

  4. WOW!!! That’s great!!! We just finished working a fair also and it was amazing watching God work through that!!!!

  5. Looks like ya’ll had another great tern out. I am always amazed when people see science they are interested but if the Bible is there with it, some just seem to close their hearts. I’ll be praying for ya’ll.
    P.S. How is the baby.

  6. What an incredible report! God is so good!