A Week in the Life of a Carnival Gypsy

Last week was the St. Tammany Parish Fair. We spent the week sharing the gospel between the big ferris wheel, the kids castle, and a huge inflatable slide. One of the CEF missionaries that we work with loaned us the use of his video trailer for the week. The video trailer is a very effective evangelistic tool for sharing the gospel using a video presentation about Creation, dinosaurs, Noah’s flood, fossils, and the Bible. We begin the show/presentation by introducing several fossils and a scale model of Noah’s ark and then we explain the gospel and give an invitation after the video ends. In the 40+ hours that we ran the trailer 800 children, teens and adults heard the gospel and 63 prayed to receive Christ as their Savior! It was a very rewarding week!! After we show the video we ask that those who watched would fill out a comment card about the show. Here are a few of the comments we got:

“I like your program. You are not afraid to tell people about God.” -Nathan

“Y’all should be on TV.” -Mason

“Amen! Finally the general public gets to hear the real Truth! God bless all of you! What a great creative way to witness!” -Yvette

“Good work! After attending this presentation I felt a greater joy in my heart and hope! Thanks. Very interesting info.” -Darryl

“I have not heard this before. I will be looking into it. Very interesting and exciting. Not pushy at all.” -Bonnie

“I want to be saved so I accepted Him into my heart.” -Nick

“It was excellent because I have always wondered about dinosaurs. Now I know all about them. Noah and his family and some of the animals were the only ones who lived. But some of the dinosaurs died. I got saved.” -Taylor (8 years old)

“I’m scared of the T-rex and Tyrannosaurus. Please don’t bring them to life!” -Lane

“It was Ok, but I’m agnostic and I don’t agree with this theory. If it never rained before the ark, how did the plants get water? Science is more convincing. This is too fake sounding.” -Caitlin

“A really sneaky way to push your religion onto innocent children. We came in here drawn to science. This is a Bible study. Good job, perverts. You tricked me too. The scientists also believe in “evolution.” Read a real book someday.” -An educated person

“I think what you guys are doing is awesome! Thanks for the interesting info! I didn’t know all that. P.S. Never, ever give up. Especially when there are disrespectful people. I love Jesus!” -Kirsty

“I had got saved.” -Quincy

Please pray that the seeds that were planted this week would be watered and would bring forth much fruit!! (Pictures of this weekend will follow…someday!)
P.S. Here’s a casual shot of the family for those of you who are anxious for “pregnant” pictures! ;)
-Aaron, Laura, and Baby B

The Baker Family

7 Responses to “A Week in the Life of a Carnival Gypsy”

  1. LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see my precious little niecephew in that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (since we don’t know which yet!!!!!!!!! :-) ) Awww!!!! Very sweet picture y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love y’all and hope to see you SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    -Your Swirly Girl

  2. That’s awesome!! You all are an encouragement to me by your faithful service to Christ. God Bless!!!

  3. What an awesome opportunity! Praise the Lord for the fruit He gave. You look cute, Laura!

  4. Wow!! Those comments are amazing!!!! How special to get feedback from those who just accepted Christ!!!! I can’t help being mad at “an educated person” , though. I’m going to steal Amy’s phrase and say, “Ugh, I don’t like their haircut.” :-D
    Well, No time to spend fuming! I’m glad you posted and I miss you and I CAN NOT WAIT to see my little nephew/niece!!!! I love you all!!!! Miss you!
    Talk to you soon!!!!

  5. Yay! So happy for you Laura!!

    Love ya,

  6. What a cute threesome!!!!!!! :) It sounds like there were a lot of seeds planted. WE must always remeber the people that are against us in giveing the gospel.
    Love Ya’ll,
    Karen :

  7. Whoa, y’all! Those are some incredible comments! I’m so amazed by the things you do. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see you–I should be DONE with school by then, but I’ll believe it when I see it! :) Yeah, just call me Thomas. :-P