Some Summer!!

This summer was so extremely busy there was hardly a second of free time to update you all on what was going on! So….this post is an attempt to make up for lost time and catch you up on what the Lord has done over the last few months! By the way, parenthetical comments are by Laura! ;)
Starting in May……

Aaron was asked to stand as groomsmen in the wedding of David Cato and Amy Vanderhorst. In an odd twist of events, one of the groomsmen couldn’t make it to the rehearsal and Laura got to be a groomsmen for a day as well! :) That was definitely a first. (As one of the few who have been on both sides, trust me girls, we have it MADE as bridesmaids….give me flowers to hold any day!)


On our way home we got to spend a night in St. Louis, MO. It was fabulous!! (This was where I got to tell Aaron some very exciting news!!!! For those of you who don’t see us often or haven’t heard, we are expecting “Baby B” to arrive at our home sometime around January 23rd, 2008!!!!!!!! We are thrilled and cannot wait

In the arch

(Here’s a sneak preview of our precious baby at 9 weeks….isn’t he/she adorable!??!?!!? AW!!!!!!!)

Baby B
The next big venture was our CEF Training Camp in Baton Rouge, LA. The camp is called SMITE- Summer Missionary Institute of Training and Evangelism. This “venture” was made even more adventurous by a nice blowout on our way there! Thankfully we had a van full of guys, and with their help, Aaron had the tire changed and we were back on the road in a jiffy!

The tire

The crew!

Aaron had the privilege to teach 60 students how to share the Gospel using the wordless book that week. It was exciting to hear them come back from their Bible club and tell about how they had used this tool to lead children to Christ!


After SMITE we began a 4 week marathon of Bible clubs in our surrounding area. With about 50 young people and adults we were able to conduct 77 Bible clubs, reaching 1933 children and adults with the Gospel, and saw 393 make professions of faith! This was the biggest year we have ever had! God truly blessed. It was so evident that His hand had gone before us and prepared the way, softening hearts and working in lives. There was a real thirst for the truth as we had never seen it before. It was such a thrill to be able to be a part of it!

Bible clubs

The end of July took us to Cortez, CO where we had the privilege to be with the Walters family as they held their 4th annual church camp for the young people on the Navajo reservation. Aaron was blessed by the opportunity to teach the youth how to fight against their enemy using the armor of God, and preach during one of the evening sessions. God was definitely doing a work in the hearts of all those there (ours included!). Eight souls were saved that week and many life changing commitments were made.

Evening tent meetings

Last but not least, we had a wonderful time in Houston last week helping CMT with their Furthering the Kingdom workshop and the THSC children’s conference. Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures….bummer…..but there should be some on the CMT website soon for those of you who are interested. Well, that about wraps up our summer! Of course there were other highlights scattered throughout these events, but NO ONE has time to read THAT kind of post! Thanks for hanging in there this long!!! You deserve a prize. Well, blessings to you and yours!!

Bakers three
Aaron, Laura, and little Baby B ;)

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  1. AWESOME guys!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a wonderful and rewarding summer!!!! Have I told you lately that I’m so proud of you??? Well, I am!!!!!!! I am SO grateful y’all were here last week….we needed you!!!!!

    And I LOVED getting to talk with my soon to be neicephew. Sigh. :-) Life is good!!!! Laura, sis, you’re too cute for words and Aaron, my crazy brother, it was such a blast to laugh with you again and be our old silly selves!!! :-)

    Here’s to hoping I see y’all again SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love and )))HUGS((( to my sis and bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Your Swirly Girl

  2. Do y’all stay busy or what? Man alive. Thank God for His protection over y’all as you travel and spread the word.

    Love y’all

  3. Pictures!!! I love Pictures!!! And I love Posts!!! And I love PHONE CALLS!!! And I love YOU THREE!!!!!!! And I loved being with y’all for some of the summer!!!! That was GREAT!!!!! Lets do it again next year!!!! With the baby!!!!! Or I could just come and baby sit!!! That would work too!!!!
    Love you!!!

  4. Oooo, Ooooo, babysitting, I wanna come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, let us baby sit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t actually die from being loved too much!!!!!!!!!!! Can you????? Nah……….. :-)

  5. No, you can’t die from being loved too much, but you can die from being spoiled and indulged too much and us aunties will have to watch that, I fear. I’ll hold you accountable if you will hold me accountable. Is it a deal???!!! And Erin, you can come if you drive me up there!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe all of us Aunts will go!!! That would be VERY fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yes, yes, it’s true….we will have to be careful. And we will, I have faith in us!!!!!!!!! :-) I’ll hold you accountable dear, and you me…..and YES, I will be mostest happy to drive you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But all the Aunties should go together at least……….oh I’d say 25 times…..don’t you think???? :-D Baby Baker here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS Aaron and Laura! I hope this baby fever catches on soon around here…;-)

  8. Well Aunties Swirly and Beth you both know that if you need to know anything about being an aunt you can always talk to me on Sundays. he he he :) Now to Laura and Aaron (and baby B). WOW !!!!!!!!! Ya’ll have had a full sommer!!!!! It is soooo neat to see how God will use you to help other people lead people to Christ. Thank Ya’ll soooo much for teaching me that. Hope Ya’ll have a good rest of the year.
    Karen :)

  9. Wow, I had know idea that so many people made professions of faith in the Bible clubs you all did this summer. Praise the Lord!!

    love you and miss you,
    sister and soon to be Aunt,

  11. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I called but posting is fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BROTHER AND SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe a year ago we were at your wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh….GREAT talking to you Squirrells!!!!!!!! :-D

    I love y’all!!!!!!! Hopefully see you soon!!!!!!!!

    )))Squishes and Squeezes(((

    -Sis and Auntie Swirly

  12. Boy, y’all do stay busy.