The Lord giveth…

…and the Lord taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

February 21st God proved this true in our lives. We went to the doctor early that morning because Laura had begun having complications with the pregnancy. After an ultrasound it was confirmed that there had been a miscarriage and the baby had died. In fact, we couldn’t see the baby at all on the screen. This was definitely the hardest thing we had gone through as a couple. The following days were even harder as the realities of everything began to sink in, but God’s goodness was also there. So many people called, brought meals, and poured out prayers for us…we will be eternally grateful! God is so good. Even in the rain we can see His hand in the rainbows. To God be the glory…great things He has done.

11 Responses to “The Lord giveth…”

  1. My dearest Sis and Bro,
    I’m so grateful for you both, and love you so much. You are an incredible example to me of trusting the Lord!! I miss you and am prayin’ for you too!!
    *Hugs* ~ Tigger

  2. Love you guys SOOO much! You are a big blessing to me! I’m still praying for you and missing you every day. :-) I will be praying for you every day when your in Romania too!

  3. Dear, sweet couple! Thank you for sharing and for expressing your faith and trust in the Lord! I am now engaged, and my fiancee Terry and I are working through similar challenges. I have a xanga site if you ever want to stop by! Love and prayers for you both!

  4. Correction: the “challenges” mentioned above refer to Terry’s health conditions, not a baby. ;-)

  5. Aaron and Laura, our hearts hurt along with yours. Only Jesus can comfort our hearts in times like these. Please know we love you both and are praying for you. Laura, take care of yourself and call anytime.

    Mrs. Wy, for all the Wychopens

  6. Oh how very sorry I was to hear this news and instantly cried out to our Lord on your behalf!!! I know that there are so many things that happen in this life that we don’t understand but isn’t it wonderful to know everything is in God’s control and He has our very best interests at heart?? I am still praying for strength, comfort and peace that only comes from CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!! I love you both soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS*

    Your Sis

  7. So, sorry to hear your news… I will be praying for y’all. I know God will use you both greatly as long as you keep your eyes on the Cross…

  8. Here’s a Hug *****

  9. I’ll be praying for you both. I lost a sibling about eleven years ago and I still remember the experience. May God comfort you and give you much grace!

  10. Hugs to both of you across country from Colorado! I was so sad when I read your post this morning. Losing a baby is never easy, and the tears can still flow even years later. However, God is good, and it’s comforting to know that there is already one precious little one waiting in Heaven to someday meet you both.

  11. hi,
    hows everybody??I i finally have time to check my mail and i try to open your web…I heard things happened from you all…it really touch my heart knowing that God takes your baby..but anyway,thats true God gave it..God take it away..but im sure there will be great things God in store for you all just wait and see…God is still so good even in our difficult day…we can still thanks the Lord for all the trials that comes our way…Im praying for you all…God Bless!!!hope to see you again…

    Sister Rhoda