A Baker March

March has already been a really busy month! The last day of February we drove from our quaint little house in Abita to Houston and stayed the night at the lovely Bogner bed and breakfast! It was great to be with our sisters and mom and dad again even if it was short!

From there we headed out to Waco where Aaron taught a Bible Club workshop at a Hispanic church! ?Yo habla espanol? ;) On the way, we stopped and had lunch with our cousins, Jeremy and Rachel, and their children in Bryan College Station. They also took us to tour Jeremy’s work…he builds gorgeous doors. VERY NEAT!!! It was sooo good to see them!

Baker Cousins

We got to Waco in plenty of time to meet with the pastor’s family and prepare to start the workshop that night. The pastor translated all of Aaron’s slides and lectures into Spanish.


We had between 20 and 25 church members attend the workshop every night. They were so attentive and really caught the message and ideas that Aaron was presenting. It was so neat to see them turn around and practice the wordless book on each other…in Spanish!! ;)


We LOVE getting to spend time with the pastor and his wife and son. We ate, talked, ate, played games, ordered pizza at midnight, ate, got hooked on coffee with hazelnut creamer, ate, and had a blast (we had a little sleep in there too)!! The fellowship with them and their church members was wonderful. We can’t wait to go back!!! And they have to visit us sometime too, of course!

Hebert, Hebert Daniel, Ines, Laura and Aaron
The Rodriguez family and the Bakers

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  1. That sounds like such an amazing trip!!! It’s so neat how God opens doors!!

    I love the pictures!!!