A Baker March continued…

Here is part two of our March update. If we had updated it all in one post it would have been WAY too long! ;) After we got home from Waco, we had the opportunity to go and share at the chapel service of a Christian elementary school in Picayune, MS, where Aaron’s cousin, Kristen, teaches. Aaron told the story of a little girl in Haiti and the power that God has over demonic spirits. The children were captivated!! We really enjoyed sharing with these children and seeing Kristen too!

Aaron telling the story

They were really listening…
What's next?
Aaron’s cousin, Kristen, and her class
Kristin's class

Josh came and blessed us with a visit the next week. It was soooo great to see him and spend some good time with him again! We really lived it up while he was here too…to start out the trip right, we had chili dogs for lunch ;) then out to a great New Orleans style restaurant for dinner and the best cheesecake in the world! We made the best of our short time and stayed up late watching wedding videos of our friends and talking. The next morning we had a late breakfast at the fabulous Abita Springs Cafe. Yummy!!! Thanks for coming Josh! We love ya’ and can’t wait to see you again! Come back soon!

Look, they have matching swooshes! :)

At the cafe


Oh, and by the way…..guess what?! Today is our 6 month anniversary! It seems impossible, doesn’t it???!! Time flies when you are having fun! It just keeps getting better too! :)
Here are a couple of pictures from our picnic yesterday. Isn’t spring fun?!!! Amy, thanks again for the picnic basket! It works great!!! We love it!…and you. ;)

Our lunch

Happy Day!

9 Responses to “A Baker March continued…”

  1. Great post you guys!!!! Picayune….I have family there! One day, when we head that way, you are gonna get a visit from me! It can’t be avoided ;-)

    Nice green polo, Aaron….brings back memories :D

    Isn’t springtime glorious????? Y’all are treasures!

  2. Happy Sixth Month Anniversary!!!!!

    God Bless you both!

  3. Hey y’all. I hope y’all weren’t in Picaune while we were in MS. I would have loved to see you both.

    Love the hats. :-)

  4. Oh, a picnic sounds fabulous!!!! You two are so cute…even 6 months later. :-)

  5. Matching swooshes? You’re hysterical!!! Looks like y’all are having fun!

  6. AWESOME post, Luma!!!! I miss you tons!!! Whoa, I can’t believe you just had your 6 mth anniversary either!! What a fun idea to have a picnic!!!

    We watched your wedding video with Aunt MK and Uncle Bill. It was SO good to see it again–even though I just saw it!

    Have a super day, lil sis! Oh, and tell my brother to give you a BIG HUG!!! (I’m sure that won’t be difficult for him…) ;)


  7. Happy 6th month Anniversary!

  8. I love all the pictures in this post:)

    The little girls listening to the story are sooo cute!

    I also like that last picture of Laura and Aaron.

    Happy six-month anniversary!

    I love you guys!!!!!