The Thomas Troup, Tennessee and a TV Tot

Hey People!!

Guess what?! We have more good pictures for you to look at!!! Aren’t you impressed?! Since we are finally posting it’s time to update you on a few things that have been going on around here.

The last of November blew the Thomas family in from Arkansas for a revival at Trinity. The services were powerful…you should get the CDs…and the fellowship was GREAT! One of the highlights of that time was having the Thomases and the Bakers over to our house for tacos. Then, after dinner, Kevin, Brian and Garrison spent the night with us. We didn’t do much sleeping but we had an absolute blast!!! It was Laura’s first “guy” spend the night party…let’s just say guys do it different than girls…we didn’t do hair or fingernails or anything!!!
Thomas family

By the way Garrison, Christa isn’t THAT weird! Kevin…come on…why do you have to look nice in ALL the pictures?! Not fair. Oh, and Daniel….you’re right….it was shocking….whatever it was. :)

This last Saturday we got home from spending a week in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with the whole Baker bunch. We rented a three story cabin in the woods…it was sooooo much fun and VERY relaxing. These pictures were taken out in front of the cabin…
Baker Family

The Baker “kids” ;)
Baker kids

Ok, here’s a hillarious picture of little Jason watching TV on his parents bed while he chews on the remote control. This picture was not posed folks!!!
TV tot

7 Responses to “The Thomas Troup, Tennessee and a TV Tot”

  1. LOL, I never thought about the fact that you hadn’t been involved in “guy” sleepovers!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty funny isn’t it???? What’s really fun is watching them watch football. I get a big kick out of watching the “watchers” over the sports!!! lol You’ll get used to guy stuff and it’ll be a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. Hey now Erin. Be nice.

    And yeah, I always looks os great in pictures. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! :-P

    We loved being there with y’all. Thanks again so much. Great times like that are few and far between.

    We miss y’all

  3. Hum….I have some GREAT pics of OUR visit down there that I apparently need to get to you!!! *grin*
    Those pictures are SOOOOO fun!!! I love the one of the Baker “kids” where little Jason is laughing!! So cute!
    I can’t wait to see you two!!! *HUGS!*

  4. What Kevin????? How was that not nice??? Hello…………

  5. Awww….you’re little nephew is so adorable. It looks like you all had an awesome trip!

  6. Well, Erin. I never said that y’all painting nails and all that stuff was funny (even if it does smell). :-P

  7. Ok, ok……….Mr. SENSITIVE aren’t we?????? :-P I most humbly ask your forgiveness, Kind Sir who never pokes fun at girls. :-) LOL