Odds and Ends

Ok, one last post to kind of catch everything up here for a while….;)

These are just some odd and end pictures that we thought might amuse or interest our dear family and friends. We love you guys, by the way!!!!

The day after Kayla’s wedding my dear husband kept his tuxedo and took me for a wonderful and romantic evening for two! We started out with a moonlit walk along the edge of Lake Ponchatrain, and ended up with a wonderful dinner at the nicest restaraunt in town! Is he great or what?!?!?! Almost makes you green too, huh? ;)
The happy couple!

Here is our adorable nephew Jason with his father…and no, he isn’t really feeding that boy chicken nuggets. He IS really watching TV though. His parents fondly refer to him as a “couch french fry” because he isn’t big enough to be a couch potato . . . yet.
Jason and Jason...what a duo!

This is Betsy. Betsy is our neighborhood peahen (the female version of a peacock). She is really the best pet in the world since all we have to do for her daily survival is be sure not to run over her as we back out of the driveway. So far, so good!

Our final picture is of the two of us with little William Carpenter. He loves Aaron and thinks it is the neatest thing in the world that Aaron’s middle name is William and that’s HIS name. If he was an orphan I’m sure we would have already adopted him. One day Aaron was standing outside of the van where William’s little brother, Louis, was already buckled into his car seat and they were making faces and laughing at each other through the window. I (Laura) was standing by, watching and being generally amused when I heard a little girl from church say, “Man, when Aaron has kids, he is going to be their favorite person in the whole world!!” :) I think so too!!! ;)
Aaron, Laura and William

5 Responses to “Odds and Ends”

  1. Hey Babe!!! GUESS WHO????
    I can’t believe you POSTED!!! That’s SO incredibly awesome! Hope you are both well now…If you’re not, then remember that salt water and listerine thing, ok? I’m SURE it’ll work. *wink*
    Guess who’s coming to YOUR HOUSE this week?? Can you guess, huh, huh, huh??? MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
    Unfortunately I think I have to bring my books and leave EW at home. She won’t fit in my suitcase but my books will. That is SO sad.
    Yeah, I know this is LONG, but I might as well write it somewhere, and it’s too much work to email…
    * I’m out of clothes, and I miss yours.
    * I’m ready for another wrestle with that brother of mine.
    *I shipped 230 lbs of stuff back to HQ this week. That was wild, but the office is ALMOST box free!!
    *The Barchie’s took our kitten, “Dixie” and have renamed her… “Yankee” LOL!!!
    *I miss you.

  2. I really enjoy the updates!

  3. Yes, the updates are a good thing.

    And wow. Aaron. What a guy. He’s really come along way since the first time we met. :-P

  4. Awww…
    What a sweet husband you have,Laura! He’s just such a normal guy! (JK!) We still tease David about that. ;-) Ya’ll have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

  5. You updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s wonderful!!!!!!!!!! By the way Big Brother, you are quite a guy!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!!!!!!! I miss you two sooooooooooooo much. Today is your birthday dear Squirrelly Loo and as I looked at birthday cards I started crying….Your first birthday away. We miss you and I’m ACHING to come see you. Maybe I’ll just jump in the car and come………..Hmmmmmm…………that’d be SO great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad I won’t fit in Mel’s suitcase. That would have helped. :-/ Botheration. Well, I love you….both of you!!!!!!!!!

    Your Swirly