A Day (ok…four days…) at the Fair

Wow…it has been a little bit since we last posted! The days have continued to fly by at the speed of life and there’s barely time to catch your breath after one event when it’s time for the next! Well…..after getting home from our absolutely fabulous honeymoon, we started gearing up for the Franklinton Fair ministry. Franklinton Fair is proportedly the world’s largest FREE fair. What does that mean? Thousands of people in one location for 4 days straight and it doesn’t even cost anything to be there!! SO, we loaded up a few vans with young people and headed 45 minutes down the road to the fair where we ran a Creation video trailer for about 13 hours a day. This was the first time I (Laura) had ever seen the video trailer and I was amazed. It was about the size of a horse trailer but didn’t have any windows. There were long benches running along the sides and a video projector screen at the front. The walls were covered with posters, dinosaur replicas and real fossils like a museum! After we had enough people to fill the trailer one of our young people would get up and give a presentation about the fossils on the trailer, how fossils were made, and how there came to be billions of fossils spread over the earth….great intro to the video about creation and the flood! The 20 minute video ended with the words, “God promised never again to destroy the world with a flood, next time it will be with fire. Are you ready?” At that point, another young person would get up and present the gospel. It was incredible. In those four days, 1400 people came to the trailer, saw the video and heard the gospel. About 1300 tracts were passed out, and 87 people that we know of made professions of faith. Also, many people signed up for a free Bible study that would come to them in the mail. It was truly an amazing opportunity to be a part of seeing that many people hear about Christ, possibly for the first time. On the last day, one of the men from the church came with us and would stand out in the street as people walked by and would ask people, “Do you know where you would go if you died today?” Person after person stopped and got that settled right there at the fair!! It was amazing. Later that day it began to rain…HARD! But that didn’t stop anything! The trailer kept getting full of people wanting to see the presentation and people continued to want to find out for sure that they would go to heaven. Praise the Lord!!!!!

Jason holding the umbrella while Aaron witnessed to two young people in the rain. Both of these people prayed and asked God to forgive them for their sins!!
At the fair

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