A Trip to the Local Courthouse…….

It was a bright and sunny day. Two very-in-love engaged people and their sibling chaperone made their way to the local courthouse. They were on the trail of one (very elusive) Texas County Clerk’s office…in pursuit of a marriage license.

Going into the courthouse

Ok…….so we didn’t find the right office right away….. we actually walked through the building, outside, asked directions, and went all the way around the outside of the building and back in another door before we finally found the right place!!! Oops! Here’s a picture of our “lost look.” ;)

Are we lost or did they hide the county clerk's office?

After signing our names on some paperwork and showing our driver’s licenses and birth certificates we had to raise our right hands and swear that we weren’t married and had never been related. It was as simple as that! We didn’t even have to bring in our copies of the family tree!!!

I swear we're not related

That was it! We now officially have Texas’ permission to get married any time in the next 30 days!

It's getting official!

On our way out we happened to pass the Justice of the Peace’s office. With a marriage license in hand that was REALLY tempting!!! Too bad we didn’t bring one more witness! Bummer!
Hm....soooo tempting!!!!

And so ends the saga of Aaron and Laura’s quest for a marriage license…..check back next time for more “Days in the life of an engaged couple!” ;)

4 Responses to “A Trip to the Local Courthouse…….”

  1. LOL! You two are hilarious. I knew I should’ve come with y’all from LA and be that second witness. :-) Two more weeks…think we’ll all make it?!?!?!? Love you both and I can’t wait for Sept. 23rd! (Laura, I’ll call you soon….)

  2. Great pictures! It is such a pleasure to hear how you have been guided by the Lord and sought Him every step of the way. I look forward to following your story. May the Lord abundantly bless your special day!

  3. Aaron Baker!!!!!!!!!!!! Man I’m so happy for you!!! I read your invitation recently and wanted to respond. I’ve been away at my college and so that is why I haven’t responded. I won’t be able to make the wedding, but I think Jeremy was still trying to make it, but it’s doubtful that he’ll be able to due to school. I pray that God blesses the two of you as you start you’re life together. Love you man!!

    Jordan Becker

  4. Hey Laura! Wow, looking at your website has really brought home to me how much our lives are going to change!!! Isn’t it amazing how the Lord can bring one person into our lives and COMPLETELY make everything different (hopefully all for the better :)) just with one little question?? I’m constantly amazed by your attitude about everything and I wish that I would have spent more time with you while we were both in Texas but now we can be newly married women together!! How fun is that?!?!
    In all sincerity, I am SOOO thrilled for you and especially for Aaron, he is getting quite a catch, and can’t wait to hear all about how the Lord is working in y’alls lives!
    The Lord bless you and keep you!!
    With much love,
    Steph…the other engaged one. :)