The Rest of the Story

Hi again! Wow, with September 23rd only 44 days away, there are so many things to think about, and sooo many reasons to praise the Lord! I was reading over the “Our Story” page of our website tonight and realized that I had left out a really neat part of the story that you might want to know!! So, sit back, grab a quick snack (ok, the story isn’t THAT long), and I’ll tell you, the REST of the story. ;)

As I mentioned in the original version of this epic, Aaron spent 3 weeks in Mexico just shortly after hurricane Katrina. Well, it was while he was there that God laid on his heart that I was the one he should marry! (Don’t you love that?! Not only are God’s ways sooo amazing and above all we could ask or think, He added an international flair to the story! :) ) Later, the night that Aaron and I got engaged, we were looking at a calendar picking the date for our wedding. As we compared schedules, it looked to us like the ideal date was September 23rd. Now, I love numbers and I want to just take a second to mention that God is extremely detailed. I think He loves numbers too. Anyway, in His sovereign plan, He orchestrated that Aaron and I would meet on August 23rd, 2004, begin courting on November 23rd, 2005, and marry on September 23rd, 2006!!!!! I think that’s pretty neat! Ok, well, after we picked the wedding date (several days afterward actually) I was talking to Aaron and mentioned something about the time frame that we had been courting being about 2 months. Aaron’s response was, “Well, for me it has seemed longer because God laid you on my heart back in Mexico on September 23rd or something.” WHAT?!!!!!!?!? I could not believe my ears. My response, “Aaron, are you sure?! What date was that . . I mean, can you tell me the EXACT date that happened?” He thought a minute, calculated the date back from his mom’s birthday, and decided that it was indeed September 23rd, 2005 that God told Him that I was the one he should marry. And now, exactly one year later, he’ll do it!!!!!!! Isn’t that amazing?! ONLY God could work out something that beautiful. Sooo . . . now you know the rest of the story! Hope to see you in 44 days!

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  1. Hey Ya’ll
    That is *such* a sweet story. I hadn’t seen your sight since you had much posted on it.
    Love you both,and can’t wait to come visit some time!!!
    Rachel Humphrey