Praise the Lord!!!!

For those of you who read the last post, this is the Praise the Lord report in connection to that! As of last night around 11pm, Pastor Baker began doing much better and should be released from the hospital today!!!! Aaron told me last night that after 18 vials of anti-venom medication his swelling was finally beginning to go down (and it is continuing to go down today). This is a real praise because they were told that the most anti-venom that the hospital has ever given anyone was 19 vials. Pastor Baker has been off all pain medications since yesterday morning and this morning he has very little pain at all. He’s even joking around with the nurses so he MUST be feeling better!! :) We are all rejoicing in God’s mercy and goodness. Please continue to pray for him as his arm is still much larger than normal and will probably not be “back to normal” for a while. Thank you so much for your prayers!!! God is so good!

One Response to “Praise the Lord!!!!”

  1. The title is so appropriate….Praise the Lord! I am so glad to hear Pastor Baker is recovering. Since this is the first time I’ve heard (well, I guess read would be a better word!) Laura and Aaron’s story, I am also rejoicing in how perfectly God has worked out his plan in your lives (and loving how romantic it is, as well)! Congratulations with all of my heart!!!! I hope to be there for this exciting event now that Texas is my home! :) Take care!