Continued prayer request . . .

This is a prayer update for those reading the continuing saga of Pastor Baker and his snake bite! He did get to return home from the hospital Saturday afternoon!!! He was even feeling well enough to preach TWICE on Sunday! (Leave it to a Baker! . . . :) ) Today (Monday) he was in a lot of pain again. He did begin his first day of a six week long therapy program to help him regain the mobility in his hand and arm. His arm is still swollen and will probably take 4-6 weeks to get back to normal size. We so appreciate your prayers while he has gone through all of this, but please don’t stop praying now . . . this is still going to be a long road to complete recovery. Pray for quick and total healing!!!!!!!!

One Response to “Continued prayer request . . .”

  1. Laura & family–my apologies for not responding sooner to your wedding invitation. My sister passed away August 8th suddenly, and I was out of town helping her sons–came home and left for Georgia for the birth of my new grandson, born Sept. 14th. Flew home yesterday and realized this had slipped through the cracks. I would be very honored to attend your wedding, if my response is not too late! Sounds as though you have also had your trials, but God is good and walks with us through life’s many difficulties. I am so pleased that you found each other!! My love and prayers…………..Barbara Cowen