Musings by Laura

Hi! Laura here. Well, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately (dangerous I know . . . and YES I do still think!), and I do believe, judging from my new favorite pasttimes, that I deserve another bachelors degree . . . this time it should be in communication. I could document a TON of prior learning experience in this field. I have numerous people that could act as verifiers too. Pretty much any of my family or friends could do it. I guess I just never realized that this degree plan could be so much fun! Don’t get me wrong though, this is not just an easy way of racking up credits. Ask my dad . . . Aaron and I are NOT on the same cell phone plan. This educational expirience is not without it’s costs! ;) Anyway, in case anyone reading this site has the ability to grant degrees, I think I’ll go ahead and post my evidences. Keep in touch and I’ll let you know when I get my next degree! I’m hoping and praying that this one will add letters BEFORE my name though. Namely, MRS!!!!!!

Here’s some interpersonal communication for you!
On the phone

In Dallas

Oh, and don’t forget creative writing!! I’m really getting good at that!
Creative Writing

I love you Aaron!

6 Responses to “Musings by Laura”

  1. That’s my girl. You just keep working at it. I love your writing skills. And as to your verbal communication…well it is amazing! ;-)

  2. Hey Aaron and Laura! I just talked to Aaron on the IM and got excited about y’alls wedding all over again. Can’t wait to finally meet this girl that I’ve heard so much about!

    Kevin Thomas

  3. Hey Guys, I am so excited about your wedding, I am looking forward to seeing how the Lord will bring each of you closer together these next few months. But, most importantly how He will bring each of you closer to Him, that is the true purpose for marriage. To bring you, each other, and your new family closer to Jesus Christ. Seeking Christ with ALL my heart!


  4. Finally a comment from one of the girl’s friends…I love you Laura and I have been praying for you and Aaron a lot!

  5. Love the window picture. :-)

  6. Hey ya’ll. Wish I could be there on the big day.

    Ya’ll look great together.

    Semper Fi,