Go Astros!!

Friday, April 7th, found the whole “family” at an Astros game! The Bogners, Bakers and Wychopens invaded Minute Maid Stadium and enjoyed sreaming, hollering, and cheering for the best team ever!!! We also met up with the Humphreys, Unruhs, and a Stephen or two. :) I’m not sure, but I think the people around us had more fun watching us than they did watching the game! The security guards even realized that we were together because he recognized our skirts!!! Anyway, we had a ball!!! . . . no pun intended.

Are these great seats or what?! It doesn’t get much better than that!
Aaron and Laura

Christa and Erin
Christa and Erin

Aaron, Tim, and Jon
Aaron, Tim, and Jon

Amy, Beth, and Laura
It's those Bogner girls!!

Christa, Josh, and Amy
Christa, Josh, and Amy

Real fans


We’re winning!!!
Starting line up :o)

Yep, we definitely had a ball . . . in a very big way ;)
The group!

5 Responses to “Go Astros!!”

  1. You know, it really stinks that I didn’t get to go to the Astros game. I think I’m going to be MIFFED. *steaming* Jon, we’ve got to do this again, ok?

    On a lighter note, I think that you need to update this website! I mean, how many of your good friends are waiting to hear the rest of your story!! It’s like saying, “Once upon a time there was a maid named Cinderella. She married a prince and lived happliy ever after.” Yes, we all know that you’re going to marry a…(should I say a PRINCE??..*thinking* hum…ok, but Aaron, make that payment in small, unmarked bills…) Prince, but HOW DID YOU GET TO THIS POINT??? Yes, I want to read it too!!! Maybe I’ll find some hints for “shoe”ing in a prince of my own?

  2. Thanks for that Mel. We missed you too!!!! Wish you could have been there. You would have caught that ball that came right at us and we just sat and stared at!! :) Oh, and I’ll try and finish the story for you too! Sorry about the wait!
    Laura ;)

  3. Hey Laura and Aaron! You know I love you guys, but…I wish nothing but defeat disaster and heartbreak for the ‘Stros. Hehe. GO REDS! :-p

  4. Whoa, Kathleen! Them’s fightin’ words!!! ;) You might get yourself impeached for that! LOL! Good to hear from you though! I lost your email address when our computer crashed so I need to call you! Hope to talk to ya soon!

  5. hi,,
    I just pass by to say hello to everybody