The Philippines

February 6th, 2006 began an exciting trip to the Philippines! This trip had been planned ever since we started courting so it seemed amazing when we finally were on the plane and headed for Asia! About thirty hours later we arrived in Manila, on the island of Luzon. Aaron’s sister Christa, Douglas Carpenter, and Kayla Ivey were also members of the team. The first morning there we visited two college campuses that had served as internment camps during World War II.

In the slammer. . . or is that grass behind us?
Let us out!!!

Both of these camps were home to a missionary, Jack Bateman, during his early teens. Since we are working on writing a children’s biography of Mr. Bateman’s life it was incredible to visit the actual places he had been! While touring one of the campuses we came across a building called Baker Memorial Hall. Of course we had to get our picture taken with it!! :)

The soon-to-be-Bakers in front of Baker Memorial HallIn front of Baker Memorial Hall

Next we flew to Bacolod City on the island of Negros. In Bacolod Aaron preached and we sang at several churches, we taught the chapel hour in a local Christian school, and visited and taught at two Bible colleges. The Lord really blessed us with the opportunity to get to know many of the Bible college students while we were there. It was so exciting to see that their hearts were on fire for the Lord and they were earnestly seeking and following His will for their lives!

Aaron sharing with the students and young people at
New Beginnings Baptist Church and Bible College
Aaron teaching at New Beginnings Baptist Church

Laura, Christa, and Kayla each got to share a testimony of what the
Lord had been working in their lives with the girls at New Beginnings
Laura teaching at New Beginnings

Aaron speaking to the students at the BMA Bible college at the
beginning of their College week
Aaron speaking at a Bible college

We went with the Bible College students on their outing.
With the students

Some students rode in the bus . . . others rode on top!
Some students are in the bus, others are ON the bus!

Christa and Vernalin Douglas and Pastor Rex
Fast friends! Douglas and Pastor Rex

Up in the mountains of the Philippines
Aaron and Laura

One of the days we were there we took a ferry over to Iloilo, on the neighboring island of Panay. There we visited Bro. Newsome’s home and Dorcas House—a home for abandoned or abused children. We immediately fell in love with those kids. Most of them could not speak English and we knew VERY little Tagolog or Ilonggo but it didn’t take much to communicate love . . . and you can play tag and seesaw without any language barrier at all!!! :)

Aaron and his little buddy, John-John
Aaron and John-John

Laura and one of the babies
Laura and a Dorcas House baby

We had a rousing game of tag!! And it was really hot too!
Aaron playing tag

Laura talking with one of the girls. She had learned English in school.
Laura with two girls

Aaron told story after story to those little boys! They
were hooked!. . . and the amazing part is that they couldn’t
understand a word he was saying!
Telling a story

It was hard to leave those adorable faces and bright smiles!
He's having fun! Smile!! Sunshine

The last week of our trip we spent on the island of Mindoro, teaching a singing school at Treasure Baptist Mission. It was incredible to have the privilege to teach these young people the beginnings of piano, theory, guitar, choir, and voice. By the end of those three short days the students were not only able to read notes, rhythms, and sing, they also had been taught the difference between fleshly and God-honoring music. Our prayer is that they will take the truths that were presented and continue to seek the Lord for His direction for the music in their lives.

The group of students from the Mindoro Singing School
Mindoro singing school

Douglas teaching guitar to some of the students
Douglas with guitar students

Laura teaching about key signatures
Teaching key signatures

These little girls may have learned more than the rest of the
students! They can sure sing “Me, May, Moh, Moe, Moo!” Cheese!

Aaron leading the choir
Aaron leading the choir

This truly was an amazing trip. The Lord was so faithful to keep us healthy, safe (even through a mudslide and a political uprising), and really increased our faith, knowledge and love for Him. May we continue to know Him better! Thank you for all your prayers!

The team!
The Philippine team

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  1. Awesome pictures! It looks like the trip was a blast.